Jp23 Urban Kitchen and it’s many employees comprised of long time Long Beach Residents and Fellow Angelino’s need your HELP to KEEP OUR JOBS.

They last few months we (Jp23 Urban Kitchen + Top Long Beach City Official’s coordinated and “set-up” a plan from JP23’s inception, to prevent JP23 from EVER obtaining its Business and Entertainment Licenses due to allegations /rumors that have been PROVEN to be 100% FALSE.

The hearing also revealed that there were numerous conversations that occurred between Councilwoman
Cindy Allen and Linda Tatum (from the City Manager’s
office) and Tara Mortensen (from the Financial Management Dept.) to coordinate the shutdown of JP23 Urban Kitchen permanently, going back to Aug 2021-Sep 2021,coincidentally when the rumors began.

Tara Mortenson then coordinated the effort with Long Beach Police Department Sergeant, Keith Mortenson, who just so happens to be her husband. This type of coordination between husband and wife to decide who gets a
business license and who doesn’t is not only unethical but
a violation of municipal code.staff) have been locked in a legal battle with the city of Long Beach in an effort to obtain our business license and keep our employees paid while serving an alternative dining experience for Long Beach Residents. These business licenses are readily handed out to almost any person or corporation who wishes to conduct business within the city limits. However due to false allegations/rumors that have been proven to be 100% False in the court of law and online, city officials have not only gone out their ways to deny us our licenses but have been caught colluding amongst each other to ensure our application is denied and our doors shut for good. So please take a few moments to sign our petition and watch the videos of the city councils mischievous inner working to shut your fellow residents/neighbors out of their jobs.

City Brief Documents

This is a case about the City of Long Beach playing judge, jury, and executioner without due process of law. The City went out of its way to deny..


Read Detailed Court Document Below.

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